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Your rights

Children and young people who are carers have rights. The Carers’ Centre can help make sure you are listened to and that your rights are respected.

Carers Trust, a national carers charity, asked young carers from around the country what rights they should have. Here’s what they came up with:

We have the right:

  • to be children as well as carers
  • to schools and colleges that give us the help we need to get an education
  • to have fun, friends and time off from caring
  • to family life with well-supported parents
  • to practical help and support so that we don’t have to do all of the caring in our homes
  • to a safe environment and protection from harm, including any harm that caring activities could cause us
  • to services that value our different backgrounds, cultures, religions, races and sexualities
  • to be listened to and supported by the people who support our parents and siblings
  • to an assessment of what we need as individuals, without any assumptions being made about us
  • to be listened to and involved when people make decisions which affect our lives
  • to information about the health problems that we see our family members experiencing
  • to advocacy and complaints procedures which we can understand and which work
  • to stop taking on caring roles when we wish to
  • to move on and become independent adults.

If you get help from the Carers’ Centre, your Young Carer’s Officer will help you all they can to make sure your rights are respected.