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If there is a child with caring responsibilities in your family, whether they are caring for you or another family member, they will sometimes need extra help and support. Check out our eligibility criteria here

There may not be any choice ­– leaning on your child for help and support may be the only option you have if there is no one else. Your child will naturally want to help care for family members, and if they have grown up with someone regularly needing their support, it may feel like second nature to them to be a young carer.

The health and well-being of your child is really important. However, research shows that young carers are more than twice as likely as their peers not to be in education, employment or training and many have not taken a break of more than two days since they started caring.

If your child or children are young carers, or if you too are a carer for a child, partner or family member who can’t manage without your support, you can get help for the whole family from the Carers’ Centre.