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When caring changes or ends

Everyone's caring journey is different and will change overtime, or may come to an end. This can happen for various reasons such as the person you care for has now recovered and no longer needs your support, you have chosen to take a step back from your caring role or sadly, because the person you cared for has died.

We want you to know that although your circumstances have changed, we’re still here for you

Please let us know if your caring role has changed or ended by contacting our Freephone Support Line, and we can support you.


We will listen and continue to support you as you move in to a new period in your life. If you’re struggling or would like advice about your next steps, you can contact our Freephone Support Line on 0800 0388 885 or We’re available every weekday, between 8:15am and 12:00pm.

You may prefer to speak with others who are in a similar position. Former carers and current carers are welcome at our friendly cafés. These offer a safe space to come together with others that understand.

If you feel you are ready to take on something new, you may like to join Carers Voice. A group of former carers and current carers that meet regularly to share their knowledge and experience, this helps to influence decision makers and shape services for future carers. We value the insight you have to offer.

These services are available to you indefinitely and you will still be able to access many of the services that we deliver to carers, such as our employment support, free breaks and activities.

We understand that you may not want support right away and that you might just want to take some time for yourself. We want you to know that you are not alone and we’re always here for you.

Useful resources:

Bereavement support:

Dorothy House

Cruse Bereavement Care

Coping with feelings:

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Community groups/ services:

Carers UK forum

Live Well B&NES