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Mother Wins Struggle For Diagnosis

Iman Salat with her son, Saiid.

Saiid Salat is a bubbly five year old, living life to the full and enjoying school, but his life has not always been so straightforward. Saiid has spent much of his short life in hospital, whilst experts battled to find out the causes of his complex health problems.

“I knew something was not right with Saiid very soon after he was born,” explained his mother, Iman. “He wasn’t developing like other babies but no-one believed me until, at last, he was referred to a genetic consultant at the Royal United Hospital.”

Saiid was finally diagnosed just a year ago with 3M Syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder.

“Thanks goodness the health visitor at my GP Surgery in Widcombe took me seriously,” said Iman. “She was the only person who listened to me, and because of her referral to the hospital, Saiid now gets the healthcare he needs.”

Saiid attends Three Ways School in Bath, which he loves. As well as lessons and playtime, he receives specialist care such as speech therapy and physiotherapy to help him catch up with other children.

“When Saiid was ill, I had too much to deal with and I just couldn't manage anymore,” said Iman. “I was struggling to get the help I needed, but I contacted the Carers’ Centre and have been helped so much by their friendly team. They are always able to come to see me if I have complex forms to fill in, and they’ve made sure I am receiving all the support and benefits I need to help me look after my son. I’d have been lost without them.”